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Re: The iuventa10 need your help!

Dear xy,

We urgently need your support!We, the iuventa10, are looking for people who were rescued by the Iuventa between July 2016 and August 2017 while trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea on a dinghy or wooden boat.Why? After the ship Iuventa of the NGO "Jugend rettet" was seized by the Italian authorities under flimsy pretexts in the summer of 2017, we - 10 crew members - are now under investigation for "aiding illegal immigration". In the case of a conviction we are now facing up to 20 years of imprisonment.The iuventa crew has never colluded with human traffickers. This trial is politically motivated and part of Europe's ruthless closed-door policy. It is not only about the freedom of the iuventa10, but about nothing less than the right to life - for all people.A conviction would have fatal consequences not only for us 10 - it would possibly set a precedent for all coming trials against people acting in solidarity - and in its consequence would aggravate the situation of refugees and migrants in the Mediterranean.In order to win this process, we would like to make contact with refugees and migrants who have made such crossings via the sea, so that they can give evidence and tell their story themselves.For this we need you!You could help us
• by talking to us if you have crossed the Mediterranean Sea during this period and have been rescued by iuventa
• by spreading our call on your social channels
• by putting up our call in your gathering and meeting points
• by drawing the attention of people who have come across the Mediterranean to our callHow?We prepared our call in Arabic, English, Farsi, French, German, Italian & Tigrinya as

  • DinA4 to print out, put up and hand out (black and white & in colour)
  • PDFs and JPGs in the right format for twitter, instagram, facebook and messenger *
  • DinA2 poster with all languages to order and get delivered for free

You can find all the material to download here:

You can order the DinA2 with all languages for free and get it directly delivered to you. For this, please write an e-mail with the desired number and your address to:

If you have any questions or any further remarks do not hesitate to contact us via

Thank you very much!

In solidarity,
the iuventa10

" Inmitten der Schwierigkeiten liegt die Möglichkeit."
                                                                   Albert Einstein
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