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- On the 12th #DayoftheEndangeredLawyer, I join lawyers from all over the world to express support for our colleagues in Colombia. All necessary measures must be taken to guarantee the safety, independence and freedom of our Colombian colleagues. https://bit.ly/3fIPxGD

- I support the #DayoftheEndangeredLawyer, a day dedicated in 2022 to raise awareness about the situation of lawyers in Colombia. Lawyers must be able to perform their professional functions without fear of intimidation, violence or undue interference. #ProtectColombianLawyers

- As we commemorate the #DayoftheEndangeredLawyer on January 24, let's draw attention to the situation of our Colombian colleagues and stand in solidarity with them. Join this international initiative. Learn more at https://bit.ly/3fIPxGD#ProtectColombianLawyers


" Inmitten der Schwierigkeiten liegt die Möglichkeit."
                                                                   Albert Einstein
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